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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Restaurant’s Bread Supply

If you own or work at a restaurant, the bread you serve is a main staple of many meals. Bread that is freshly baked is often the best tasting and most desirable, but if it’s not handled correctly, you could lose out on a lot of money. If you’re working with a local supplier or one that delivers you fresh bread, here are some tips to ensure that you’re getting the best use of your bread so you can stretch your capital.

Consider Types Of Bread

Various types of bread are made differently, and each type should be stored or handled in a different way. Depending on your supplier’s recipe and ingredients, certain types of bread should be served immediately, while others can be kept for a few days after you receive them. Crustier breads like French bread and Italian breads should be served as soon as possible. Croissants or ciabatta rolls can be kept for a while longer without any issues in terms of freshness, taste, or texture.

Store Your Bread Properly

Larger bread suppliers usually bring bread in a tight wrapper designed to keep it fresher longer. It’s always a good idea to  keep any bread you don’t plan to serve right away in these wrappers until you’re ready to open them. This will help keep them preserved and prevent the bread from drying out. Never store bread in a moist area because it can encourage mold to grow. Refrigerate any bread you’re not serving overnight, but be sure to take it out of the refrigerator that morning or else it will be a bit tough to eat when you serve it. Another option is to freeze any excess bread, and then thaw it at room temperature before serving it. 

Consider Local Suppliers

While buying bread from a national distributor can be convenient and sometimes more cost effective, the best way to ensure you’re getting fresh bread is to buy it locally. Establish a relationship with a baker nearby who can deliver you bread daily rather than weekly or even monthly like larger suppliers. This will help you serve customers the freshest bread possible and it is also a great way to form lasting business relationships with your fellow foodies. Having local bakeries like Klosterman Baking Company provide you with bread can also help you get what you need if you’re pressed for time, and they can usually accommodate special custom orders. Careful consideration as to where you get your bread as well as how you keep it can save you money and ensure that your customers are getting the best tasting bread possible.