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Salvaging Your Food Supply In An Emergency With Dry Ice

Whether it is a severe storm or a simple power outage, the food in your refrigerator can get spoiled very quickly once it stops running due to loss of power. When you need food, especially during extended periods without power, keeping it safe to eat is imperative. You can use dry ice to help preserve and keep your food in times of emergency. This will help reduce the risk of any food borne illnesses and help feed you and your family until power can be restored.

Using Dry Ice Correctly

Before you use a block of dry ice, it’s a good idea to keep the doors of your refrigerator shut as long as you can. Even if you open the doors, the refrigerator should act as a cooler and keep the food cold for about four hours and forty-eight hours for the freezer. Only open the door when you’re ready to retrieve food and eat it. If the power is still out after about four hours, it’s time to use the dry ice. A medium to large sized block of dry ice should work for most refrigerators to keep foods preserved. Put the dry ice on the bottom shelf, placing it on a piece of cardboard or Styrofoam. Make sure you replace the block as soon as the first one disappears to maintain good food temperature. Since dry ice is extremely cold, keep food items as far away from it as possible, or they may freeze. Use gloves when handling dry ice since it can cause burns to the skin if you handle it directly. Dry ice puts off CO2 gas, which is what is used to make sodas carbonated. If you place it too close to drinks, they can actually become carbonated. 

Where To Find Dry Ice

You can purchase dry ice at many grocery stores. It’s usually kept in a special freezer or you may need to ask customer service to retrieve it for you. There are also retailers who specialize in the sale of dry ice, so make a list of these retailers in advance. This way when an emergency happens, you will know exactly where to find it when you need it. Make sure you purchase the dry ice soon before you plan to use it so it doesn’t melt. This handy material is a great way to ensure that your food stays fresh and will give you peace of mind if the power goes out. 

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