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Desserts You Might Find At An Italian Restaurant

The next time you are dining at an Italian restaurant you should definitely have dessert. Italian cuisine has some of the most delicious desserts in the world. Some of these desserts are rather complicated to make, so take advantage of being at a restaurant where a chef will have made it for you.

Here is a list of some delicious Italian desserts and a brief description of them.


Tiramisu is one of the most popular Italian desserts in the world. It the perfect dessert to get when you’re out at dinner because it’s one that needs to be served fresh. Tiramisu doesn’t have a long shelf life, so you won’t find it in supermarkets or grocery stores, unless you count the frozen varieties, which pale in comparison to a freshly made tiramisu.

Tiramisu is made with mascarpone cheese, sugar, egg whites, coffee and lady fingers. Lady fingers are small sponge cakes. They are dipped in the coffee, then layered with the mascarpone and whipped egg whites. The top of the dish is dusted with cocoa powder or else chocolate shavings.

Some restaurants have begun substituting whipped cream for the egg whites because it is safer. So, if you are concerned about eating raw eggs, ask the waiter which way the restaurant prepares the dish.


If you like ice cream and gelato, then you should definitely try semifreddo. The name translates to “half cold”. This is a custard and whipped cream dessert that usually has added flavors such as hazelnuts, pistachio or strawberry.

Semifreddo is normally served in slices because it is set in a loaf pan. The chef first makes the custard portion, and then he or she folds in the whipped cream and berries or nuts. Then the loaf pan is put into the freezer to set. It will sometimes have a bottom crust made from cookies, but is often crust-less.


If you’re looking for a lighter dessert, then try granita. It does not contain any cream. It is an ice-based dessert that comes from southern Italy. It is especially popular in Sicily.

Unlike the Italian ices you might be familiar with that are super sweet and slushy, a classic granita is coarse and subtle. It doesn’t have the saccharine flavor that you find with pizza parlor ices. The ingredients are basic: ice, sugar, and a flavor. The flavor might be lemon, coffee, or even almond. It is the perfect dessert to pair with coffee if you are looking for something light and cleansing at the end of a heavy meal.