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Posted by on Jul 30, 2015 in Uncategorized |

Want To Become A Professional Brewery? Do A Dry Run At Home First

Are you making beer at home as a hobby but want to break into the business? Nano-breweries and micro-breweries are growing in popularity as small brewers seek the joy of sharing their creations with a small, local clientele. 

Transitioning from hobbyist to small business can be a lot of work, and it’s important not to jump in before you’re ready. One solution is to create your own backyard bar where you can showcase your brews to friends and family while working out the logistics of shifting to a professional operation.  

Here are three steps to using a backyard bar to get yourself ready to become a nano-brewery.

Work With Your Space

First and foremost, your bar should be part of your home or yard decor and should fit in with what already exists. If you’re converting a basement or unused room inside the home, you’re probably able to decorate it any way you want (or any way your partner or spouse agrees to!). However, if you’re redesigning an outdoor area, be sure it fits in with the landscaping and any theme to your backyard decorations. If you have a pool, consider making a swim-up bar. If you already have an outdoor kitchen, just extend the counters and seating area with complementary materials and styles. Work with what you have rather than fighting it. 

One of the most popular and easiest ways to create your backyard bar is with a pub shed. A pub shed is simply a shed of any style or size according to your needs that is converted into a small pub. If it’s a large shed, you can place a bar, liquor storage and some seating inside it. If it’s a small shed, cut out an oversize window on one side and place the barstools outside facing in. 

Pick a Theme

Once you know what space you have to work with, look for an appropriate theme to highlight your beers. Are you looking for a fun, rebellious vibe? An homage to summer evenings or beach fun? Or a serious, traditional feeling? Do your brews follow the traditions of a certain region or country, such as Germany, Belgium or Ireland? Choosing a theme for your home bar will help you nail down a theme or style for your future company, tap rooms and advertising. Play with ideas here in your own space and at your leisure. Don’t be afraid to experiment with decorations, logos and furnishings until you find something that speaks to you. 

Build Relationships

This is a good time to start making friends and allies within the industry. While you may not need a lot of bar supplies right now, you will need them later. So check out suppliers and start finding your favorite equipment and makers. As you figure out your theme and decorative style, start purchasing necessary equipment now from places like Louis Wohl & Sons Inc in order to hit the ground running when you actually open your business.

Doing a test run at home before investing time and money into a brewing business can save you headaches and costs later. It’s a great way to have fun while learning the ropes in a stress-free environment.