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3 Ways To Cut Back On Calories At A Mexican Restaurant

If you are trying to eat healthier, then going to Mexican restaurants can be a good choice as long as you know what foods will aid in your healthy eating plan. Here are 3 ways to cut back on calories so that you can enjoy great flavor while maintaining a small waistline.

Eat Fish

First, consider eating fish and seafood when you go to a Mexican restaurant. Specifically, look for grilled fish that does not have the extra calories that come from being fried. Really fresh fish has so much flavor that it does not need to be fried anyway.

You can find fish in many Mexican dishes, such as soup, as a main entree, and you can also get fish tacos or salads. Many types of Mexican fish are prepared and grilled with dry seasonings that will stick to the fish. 

If you want more flavor that is still healthy, add some fresh salsa that comes with the chips. You can also spread a light layer of guacamole on the fish so that it is creamier and has another layer of Mexican flavor.

Add Beans

Next, add beans to your meal as long as they are not refried. Many Mexican restaurants have black beans and pinto beans that are cooked in a healthy way. They can add more flavor to the beans by adding garlic, cumin, cilantro, and onion while the beans cook.

The only real liquid that has to be added is some water or some broth, and all of this is healthy for you to eat. You can then enjoy your fish or grilled chicken with an added element that is both filling and contains good protein. Also, eating beans can help with cholesterol as long as they are not fried.

Skip the Chips

Lastly, skip the chips at a Mexican restaurant. Even though many restaurants make their chips fresh so that they have great flavor, they are usually fried and contain more calories. Also, you will not have as much room for your meal if you fill up on chips, so you will miss out on the nutrition that comes from the healthier items.

If you cannot resist the chips, then ask your waiter to bring them at the end of your meal so that you have filled up on everything else first. This will allow you to still enjoy a few chips, but most of your calories will come from the truly amazing Mexican foods on the menu.

By doing these 3 things, you can cut back on calories and eat amazing flavors that will make you feel full, satisfied, and happy. Click here to continue reading more about Mexican restaurants.

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