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Figuring An Appropriate Tip For Your Server

Servers, waiters and waitresses work for tips. Yes, the restaurant (such as The Turtle Club) they work for pays them an hourly wage, but the bulk of their income depends on how well their customers tip. It’s tricky, however, to come up with the perfect amount to tip your server, especially if she went above and beyond and made your meal enjoyable. With a few unofficial formulas, it’s easier to come up with the appropriate tip that shows your appreciation.

Use Math

The standard restaurant tip is around 15 percent of your total check, including beverages and dessert. If you take that total and multiply it by 0.15, you’ll determine exactly what 15 percent is. The same formula stands if you wish to tip a larger percentage. For example, if you have a large party of 8 or more people, the standard tip is often increased to 18 percent, so you would multiply your total by 0.18.

Consider Your Service

If your server did a good job of making sure your drink order was taken shortly after being seated or accommodated a variety of special requests, you might consider tipping more than the standard amount. Many people decided on a nice round number, such as $10 or $15, depending on the total on your ticket. You might also consider leaving a few extra dollars if there were children in your party who made a mess on the floor or spilled a drink that your server cleaned up for you. This is a way to show your appreciation as well as to say thanks for taking such good care of your table.

Be Generous

If you have a bit of extra disposable income one month, do a good deed and give your server a bonus tip. When you notice your server having a bad day, consider adding an extra $5 or $10 to the total tip. These bonuses can really boost the spirits of a server, and most waiters and waitresses fondly remember at least one instance where they got a completely unexpected tip. Every once in awhile doing something so generous will make your eating out experience more enjoyable as well.

When Your Server Doesn’t Live Up To Your Expectations

Instead of docking your server’s tip when your service is slow or the food is cold, ask to speak with a manager. Often, waiters bear the brunt of cooks getting backed up in the kitchen or are responsible for so many tables that they aren’t able to deliver food as soon as it’s ready. In these instances, it wouldn’t be fair to take this out on your server who did, in fact, do the job required. Speaking with a manager might get you a discount on your total bill, which will make up for your unacceptable service without also causing your server to lose a tip.

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